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Bowling and Billiards Center Area Rules


  • No running in the facility

  • Patrons are not to leave skateboards, electric scooters, or other personal vehicles inside the vestibules of the facility

  • Be mindful of your language and volume within the Bowling and Billiards Center

Bowling Area

  • No running in the bowling area
  • Socks must be worn when using BBC rental shoes. Socks are available for purchase at the front desk.
  • Do not go over the foul line or down the walkways along lane one. The bowling lanes are coated with conditioner (oil) and can be slippery. If the need arises to get a ball or other item from the lanes, notify the Bowling and Billiards Center staff for assistance.
  • Do not put hands in or around the opening of the ball return. Children should not get their hands between the bowling balls when they are on the ball return rack because a returning ball could cause injury. Assist children by carrying their balls to the foul line.
  • Patrons who have not paid for shoe rentals and games to play are unable to be given shoes and games by patrons who are currently playing. 
  • Non-paying patrons may sit in the bowling area as long capacity for the space is not met. Priority of the space will be given on a first-come first-serve basis to patrons who have paid to bowl. 
  • Utilize only the bowling lanes assigned to you by the front desk.
  • Return all bowling balls to the racks upon completing your games and bring all rental shoes back to the front desk.
  • Ramps, gutter guards, lightweight balls, and child size shoes are available to qualifying patrons upon request. 

Billiards Area

  • Do not sit on or lean heavily upon billiards table unless you are making a shot.

  • Billiards balls, table tennis and air hockey paddles must be rented from and returned to the front desk.

  • Pool ques must be returned to the racks on the wall upon completion of play.

  • Ball racks are not to leave the billiards area.

  • Patrons are not to move any of the billiards tables, table tennis tables, or air hockey table.

  • Utilize the game table assigned to you by the Bowling and Billiards Center staff.

Esports Arena

  • Keep all personal belongings with you.
  • When using a computer, please store all personal belongings underneath the desk and out of way of other users.
  • No food, drink, or gum (with the exception of water in a closed non-glass water bottle)
  • We are not responsible for any personal technology and equipment brought into the space.
  • Be mindful of your language and volume within the space.
  • Disruptive behavior is subject to temporary removal of access to programs and services.
  • Reset your station before you leave.
  • Treat the technology and equipment with respect and care