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Rules and Handbook

Download the Intramural Sports Handbook to review the policies and procedures that govern participation in the Intramural Sport program.

Sport Rules

Protest Form

To protest the eligibility of players or misapplication of rules, fill out the Intramural Sports Protest Form and email the completed form to


Fraternities and sororities will compete in the Intramural Sport competition for the opportunity to obtain the Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Intramural Sports Cup. The cup is designed to create healthy competition among fraternities and sororities and encourage their involvement in on-campus activities. The fraternity and the sorority achieving the most points through the academic year will win the Cup.


  • Fraternities may enter one team per major and minor sport to accumulate points.
  • Fraternities may enter up to three individuals in single tournaments, two pairs in doubles tournaments, and two teams in team tournaments.
  • For leagues, teams must utilize the name of their fraternity for their entry to count toward the Fraternity and Sorority Life Cup. Example: Alpha Beta Gamma
  • For tournaments, individuals should register with their personal name followed by the name of their fraternity. Example: First Name Last Name – Alpha Beta Gamma
  • Fraternities can accumulate points through participation with Intramural Sports, by winning games, and by displaying positive sportsmanship during contests.
  • Sportsmanship incidents could result in a reduction of points or the group being disqualified from the Fraternity and Sorority Life Cup consideration altogether.


  • Participation

    • Chapters will be awarded 20 points for registering a team for a major or minor sport.
    • Chapters will be awarded 15 points for registering a team for a team tournament, 10 points for a doubles tournament, and 5 points for a singles tournament.
    • Competing in all offered activities in a semester is 50 points.
    • Each fraternity may enter one team in the Redbird Rumble for 15 points.
    • If all games are forfeited or defaulted, then the team will receive 0 points for participation.
    • Teams do not receive credit for participation in Coed activities.
  • Competition

    • Winning a game is 5 points (including playoffs).
    • League play qualifying for the quarterfinals results in 5 additional points, semifinals is 10 additional points, and championship is 15 additional points. Winning the championship game results in 20 points for the chapter.
  • Sportsmanship

    Using the Intramural Sports sportsmanship system, teams will be awarded points:

    • Teams receiving a positive sportsmanship rating (5 or 4 points) will receive that number of points.
    • Teams receiving an acceptable sportsmanship rating (3 points) will receive 0 points.
    • Teams receiving an unacceptable sportsmanship rating (2, or 1 point) will be deducted a minimum of 5 points. This is at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Office and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

    The fraternity with the highest average sportsmanship in a semester earns 25 points. If the semester ends with multiple fraternities tied for the best sportsmanship, both organizations will receive the bonus.