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Executive Board

Are you a current or past club officer that’s interested in being a member of our Executive Board? Do you know a fellow officer who would be a great addition to our Board? See below for more information about each position that’s open for re-election, the criteria to serve, and to complete the nomination form. If you would like more information about the position, please email Kelsey Orrill.

Purpose and Responsibilities of the Sport Club Executive Board

  • To review all existing university policies and procedures and express the collective viewpoint on said policies and procedures in the interest of all clubs.
  • To act as a conduct board governing all violations of policies and procedures and make recommendations for sanctions outlined in the Sport Club Compliance Program, including:
    • Monetary – Loss of funding.
    • Membership – Probation or expulsion of clubs and/or their participants.
    • Facilities – Loss of fields, court space, etc.
    • Activities – Suspension from competition, practice or travel for a member or entire club.
    • Resources – Loss of advertising, publicity, or press.
  • To make recommendations on the allocation of funds allotted to Sport Clubs using a needs-based model.
  • To create sub-committees that may work on special projects and/or perform a study.

The Executive Board for 2023-2024

  • Megan Lee (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Hannah Bellof (Women’s Water Polo)
  • Lexi Bolke (Women’s Lacrosse)
  • Dan Pauk (Men’s Volleyball
  • Madisyn Hanson (Equestrian)
  • Sam Barklow (Roundnet)