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Club Resources

Sport Club Handbook and Rules

The Sport Club Handbook is a resource for club officers and team members that outlines the important rules and expectations for club members. Check Student Activities and Involvement for information about getting involved on campus, including the RSO University Policies outlined for all student groups.

The Sport Club Compliance Program offers descriptions of consequences associated with failing to comply with said policies and expectations. Clubs should also reference the Illinois State University Code of Student Conduct.

Facility Reservations

Space is not guaranteed and all reservations are subject to change. Please submit all requests no later than two weeks in advance of the event; the earlier the request is made, the better we are able to accommodate.

  • To reserve a Campus Recreation space, please completely fill out the Facility Request Form and submit it to the Coordinator of Sport Clubs
  • To reserve a non-Campus Recreation/McCormick space, visit the Conference Services Scheduling page
  • Hosting Sport Clubs are responsible for all damage and policy violations committed by club members and/or spectators when using Campus Recreation facilities
  • To cancel the reservation of a space, the Coordinator of Sport Clubs must be notified at least 24 hours in advance or the club may be charged the standard rental rate for the facility.


Events and Club Travel

Reference Event Considerations for various policies and suggestions related to facility reservations, event insurance, and event marketing.

To submit a home or away event/competition request for approval, download and save this event roster to your computer, complete all fields, then submit the event roster here, where you will be asked to identify other event details.

In order to drive University vehicles, drivers must complete an orientation. Send an email (with name and ULID) to to register for the Passenger Van Training and/or Mini School Bus orientation. More information can be found here. Refer to the attached file for steps to reserve fleet vehicles for club travel.

Financial Management

Student fee-funded opportunities exist for Sport Clubs to supplement their budgets. Only registered Sport Clubs within Campus Recreation are eligible.

Payment Processing Form – submit to utilize fee funding (attach invoices and receipts)

  • Opportunity Fund Hearings

    Money that is awarded through the opportunity fund is available for use in the current fiscal year after allocations are approved. In order to request Opportunity Fund resources, a Sport Club must meet one or more of the below criteria. Contact the Coordinator for more information and scheduled dates.

    • An unexpected opportunity has arisen since the last regular funding cycle (e.g. a bid for a Regional or National Tournament was accepted).
    • The Sport Club experienced an unanticipated need (e.g. an unexpected cost change).
    • The Sport Club has further developed a program concept that was not fully planned in time to request a regular Sport Club Program Fund allocation.
    • The organization’s Sport Club status has changed (i.e. new Sport Club).
    • There was unanticipated student interest in a program or travel opportunity.
    • For information about Opportunity Hearings, please email Kelsey Orrill at
  • Allocation Hearings

Other Resources