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Student Fitness Center Memberships

Memberships to the Student Fitness Center include full access to a variety of activities such as the use of all strength and cardio equipment, sport courts, swimming pool, climbing wall, running track, locker rooms, and group fitness classes.

All current fee-paying students are considered members of the Student Fitness Center. Faculty/Staff, Annuitants, and Alumni of Illinois State University may purchase memberships at the Welcome Center in the lobby of the SFC. One household member may be added to any membership; proof of shared residency is required.


Membership Types Fall and Spring Semester Rates Summer Semester Rates Annual*
ISU Graduate $170 $110 $450
ISU Graduate Household $170 $110 $450
Faculty/Staff $135 $90 $360
Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

1st - 10th: $30 ($30 – Begin deducting in the CURRENT month)

11th - End of Month: $60 ($30 – Begin deducting in NEXT month)

Faculty/Staff Household $135 $90 $360
Annuitant/Retiree $135 $90 $360
Annuitant Household $135 $90 $360
Student Stop-Out** $135 $90  
Student Household $135 $90  

*Faculty/Staff may select payroll deduction for a monthly rate of $30 for each membership purchased.

**A Stop-Out membership is designed for Illinois State students who sit out for one semester and meet the following criteria:

  1. must have been enrolled the previous semester before sitting out; and
  2. must be enrolled for the semester following the layoff period.

Lay off semester can be the fall, spring, or summer. Proof of previous semester and following semester enrollment must be produced at the time of purchase.

Guest Memberships

Member Guest Rate $10 Daily
Graduate Guest Rate $10 Daily
University Guest Rate $10 Daily

Member guests must be 18 or older and sponsored by a current member. Graduate guests must be 18 or older and will be sponsored by the Alumni office. University guests must be 18 or older and sponsored by a University department and be approved by Campus Recreation.


Identification (ID) Card Requirements/Access Control

Students and Faculty/Staff must present a valid Redbird Card for entry into the facility. Members who are not included in these categories will be provided an ID for entry. Students and Faculty/Staff must present a valid Redbird Card when purchasing or renewing a membership.

Campus Recreation is authorized to deny SFC entry without possession of valid identification noted above.

Members who forget their ID cards will receive a one-time exemption to enter the SFC per semester. If an ID card is forgotten again during the same semester, the member has the option of paying $10 for a guest pass, provided they have alternate picture identification available for verification.

KNR students are also required to present a valid ISU Redbird Card when entering the activity space to attend class. If a KNR student forgets an ID card they must go to the Campus Recreation Suite (Room 103) for approval to enter the SFC. This one-time exception may result in late arrival to class.

Misuse of ID or Membership Card

ID cards and membership cards are property of the University and misuse of ID’s to gain facility access is considered fraud. Misused ID Cards will be confiscated and membership privileges may be revoked.